Brunel University London

One World Week

One World Week is Brunel University London’s annual celebration of our diverse community. Volunteers are encouraged to help create excitement, fun and engage with the whole of the Brunel family. With workshops, international food, henna stands and a variety of other activities available there are plenty of opportunities for students to get involved. You earn points for each activity attended. One World Week has four key objectives: to celebrate Brunel's strong community, to increase engagement and cohesion in the celebration of Brunel's diverse community, to create a fun, inclusive and engaging environment to improve the student, staff and local community experience, to encourage students, staff and the local community alike to share their unique experiences and help to educate others about cultures, values and aspirations often different from their own.

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How points are awarded

10 points per activity attended. Email proof of attendance to

Points per item: 10.

Maximum points per year: 40