Brunel University London

What's it all about?

At the Professional Development Centre, we recognize that you're engaged in various activities alongside your studies. Whether it's sports, volunteering, part-time jobs, or career preparation, we believe your efforts deserve recognition.

Earning recognition is simple: just log the time you invest in non-academic activities to accumulate points. Additionally, uploading your CV to demonstrate your development over the year will grant you the Bronze+ Award. You can progress to Silver+ and even Gold+ if you've completed our 10-week employability course, the READY Programme.

You can still earn points for activities you've been involved in since the start of the academic year, even if you've been busy. This award serves as a comprehensive record of your university experience, contributing to your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) and presenting a full picture of your journey as a student and a prospective graduate.

We're here to assist you throughout the award process, including CV development to showcase your activities and progress at Brunel.

Employers often seek well-rounded candidates with diverse skills and experience. Participating in Brunel+ allows you to demonstrate that you're more than your academic results. Your final CV will be a compelling document that sets you apart in the competitive graduate job market.