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What's it all about?

Here at the Professional Development Centre, we know that you are already involved with many different activities in addition to your studies. Whether sporting, charitable, in a part-time job or in preparation for your future career, we think that you deserve additional recognition for your efforts in your extra-curricular pastimes.

It couldn’t be easier: simply record the time you spend on your non-academic activities to earn points. Then upload your CV and submit a short reflective piece on how you have developed during the year to gain your Bronze+ Award. As you progress through university, you can continue on to Silver+ and ultimately Gold+.

You can still record your time and gain points for any activities you have already been involved with since the start of the academic year so even if you have been busy since you first arrived here at Brunel it is not too late to record these activities. This way, the award will be a full record of your time at university- even forming part of your HEAR, and allows you to paint a complete portrait of yourself as a student and, ultimately, a candidate for graduate roles.

We are here to help you throughout your time on the award and will provide assistance with developing your CV to reflect the activities you have been involved with and your progress during your time here at Brunel.

Employers frequently tell us that they are looking for well-rounded applicants who can show additional skills and experience. By participating in Brunel+, you will be able to show that you are more than your academic results and your final CV will be a more complete and enticing document that will help you to stand out from the crowd when you enter the competitive graduate job market.

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